FRITZ MARTIN - A RETROSPECTIVE: Painting from five decades

28 August - 25 September 2009

With this exhibition, ARTCO Gallery honors the artistic work of the painter Fritz Martin 1909-1995, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of his birthday this year.


Fritz Martin had as a painter, together with his artist friends Karl Fred Dahmen and Hanns Pastor, participated intensively in the development of modernism after 1945 in the Aachen region. As a member of the "Neuen Aachener Gruppe", he was involved in many important collective shows of the young Aachen artists. In 1959 he had his first solo exhibition in the Aachen Suermondt Museum. In the same year Fritz Martin was awarded the first prize for painting of the National Olympic Committee.


He received this appreciation for a, for him typical, cycling image. This retrospective shows an overview of the manifold phases of the painter who can not be classified in any style.


Duration of the exhibition: 28.08.2009 - 25.09.2009
Vernissage: 28.08.2009 at 19.00 o'clock

Introduction: Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Becker, Director of the Ludwig Forum for International Art, i.R.