ARTCO - August

We warmly invite you to our second exhibition at Salon Wellenmaschine in Berlin. Between 17 August and 15 September, ARTCO is pleased to present a selection of works by the Argentinian artist Marcelo Brodsky

Highlight of the exhibition will be a panel discussion about Art and Resistance with the artist and other people involved in art and politics during the Berlin Art Week on Saturday, 14 September at 20.00 h. 



During the Aachener Kunstroute, ARTCO will be presenting works by the South African photographer Gideon Mendel. The exhibition contains works from the two series DROWNING WORLD and BURNT MEMORIES. 

The exhibition opens on Saturday, 28 September at 11.00 h. An artist talk with Gideon Mendel will take place on Sunday, 29. September between 16.00 and 20.00 h. 




Chicago, 19.–22. Sep. 2019


We are delighted to exhibit at the EXPO Chicago this year for the first time.
Besides photographs by Justin Dingwall, new painting by Ransome Stanley and Richard Mudariki, we will present the first material collages from the new series "Cotton Fields" by Marion Boehm.




Johannesburg, 12.–15. Sep. 2019


Johannesburg got a new international art fair concept.
The gallery presents works by Marcelo Brodsky and Gideon Mendel in a "Two artist show".
At our second booth are new works by Marion BoehmRaphael Adjetey Mayne, on display and new photographs by Justin Dingwall.

July 25, 2019