ARTCO News - October

ARTCO is extremely thrilled to announce its future collaboration with Maurice Mbikayi
This artist, born 1974 in Kinshasa in the DRC, currently lives in Cape Town, South Africa.

Mbikayi’s art addresses the impact of technology on Africa. Technological progress is contrasted with detrimental effects on the African population, landscape and economy. Mbikayi collects what he calls "leftovers": discarded computer parts, keyboards, and electronic waste, incorporating them into his collages, drawings, and sculptures.

In photography and performance, he projects his fears about this brave new virtual world, while recording the vulnerability of those exposed to the depletion of natural resources and the dumping of electronic waste on African soil.



AKAA - Also Known As Africa

9.11. - 11.11. 2019

At this year´s fair we will be showing the following work:
Stand C1
Maurice Mbikayi (Solo Show)

Stand B1
Marion BoehmSaidou DickoJustin DingwallKufa MakwavararaRaphael Adjetey Mayne and works by Marcelo Brodsky & Gideon Mendel.

Location: Opening hours:
Carreau du temple Saturday, 9th Nov: 12h-20h
4 rue Eugène Spuller Sunday, 10th Nov: 12h-20h
75003 – Paris France Monday, 11th Nov: 12h-18h




October 11, 2019