Hildegard Titus

Hildegard Titus is a photojournalist, filmmaker, visual artist and curator based in Windhoek.She has a keen issue on working on topics of gender, identity,culture and race. She works as a freelance photo and video journalist for Agence France Presse and The Namibian.





Namibia’s history did not begin with independence 28 years ago.

It did not even begin when colonialism or apartheid first took over this region that was once called South West Africa. Our journey began thousands of years ago, as our ancestors left their marks on the world in caves to be seen and remembered for millennia to come. It began when our ancestors held ceremonies and feasts for every aspect of life, from birth to death. It began long before our cultures were brought together under the new utopian vision of a free and equal Namibia. 

While we were focused on celebrating freedom and overcoming a past plagued by dark moments – war, genocide, apartheid – we forgot to truly listen to each other and heal wounds that had begun to fester. Tribalism, racism, colourism, sexism, ageism, ableism, and xenophobia continue to stain our country. We spend more time breaking each other down than listening to one another. 

Us Now is a conversation and a dialogue for remembering and healing. It is an invitation to hear the voices of young Namibians from various backgrounds expressing their stories, their feelings, their aspirations, the way the relate to their heritage and identity, and the way we all relate to each other.

Looking back into Namibia’s old history books we can see the ways colonial images depicted and tried to define our existence and way of life. Today we define them for ourselves.

We are more than a caption: ‘Herero ’, ‘Nama’, We are a history, a present, and a brighter future. This is us now.