Jessica Hilltout

1977 Born in Antwerp, Belgium.
1978 - 1996 Spent her childhood in Seychelles, South Africa, Hong Kong, Canada, New York
1997 - 1999 BA (hons) Design photography course, Blackpool, UK

2002 - 2003

Road trip from Brussels to Mongolia, and South Africa back to Brussels
2004 - 2006 Commercial photography work in Belgium and exhibitions
2007 Six months in Madagascar exploring the word 'Imperfection'
2009 - 2010

Eight months in 10 countries on the African continent exploring grassroots

football in a project called 'AMEN'.


Lives and works in Belgium.





The aim of AMEN was to shine the light on all those in the shadow of the World Cup, far from the big stadiums and the corporate carnival-nature of the event.  To embrace Africa and everything that makes it unique.  To speak of the authenticity and sheer ingenuousness of a continent that manages to do so much with so little.  To capture people with simple needs and huge hearts. To express football in its purest form.